GHG Savings from 220kW CHP UNIT (annual)CROWN MODELAlberta Generation by Fuel
From Displaced Grid Power1,210 MWh x 0.54852 tCO2e/MWh = 664
From Displaced Natural Gas5,821 GJ x 0.0506 tCO2e/GJ = 295
Gross GHG Reduction = 958
Increase in GHG from CHP Fuel11,206 GJ x 0.0506 tCO2e/GJ = (567)
Net Decrease (tCO2e) in Year 1 = 391
Total Contract Decrease (tCO2e) = 3,912

  • Alberta’s electricity sector produces more GHG emissions than any other province because of its size and reliance on coal-fired generation. In 2016, Alberta’s power sector generated 45.2 MT CO2e emissions, or 58% of total Canadian GHG emissions from power generation.
  • Crown’s CHP solution reduces emissions by reducing The Derrick’s power mix away from coal and re-captures waste heat.