Why more people are investing in CHP technologies

Combined Heat and Power also known as CHP or cogeneration is an energy efficient solution that produces electricity onsite and saves generated thermal power that otherwise would be wasted. This thermal energy is then used as hot water or heat that helps reduce energy and heating costs.

Wasted energy is a major concern when it comes to traditional conventional electricity production. By generating electricity onsite with CHP, it cuts all wasted energy being transmitted and you only pay for what is actually used. And with some CHP projects, they generate an abundance of electricity that energy can then be sold back to the grid for added profit.

CHP has many advantages that includes financial savings, environmental impact and efficiency over traditional power systems.


• Energy costs can be cut from 25%-40% monthly, which can add up. Onsite CHP systems need less fuel to produce electricity. Being at source not only removes the middle man, it also provides protection from energy rate increases that happen yearly.

• Depending on your energy partner, CHP installation mean there are no upfront costs. This is usually taken care of by our energy partner for a fixed term. And since one advantage is that electricity is produced onsite, a fixed lower energy rate is agreed upon on contract.

• Investing in green energy also gives access to government tax credits and incentives, which drive management and operational costs down.


• Since less fuel is needed to produce electricity, CHP helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution that negatively impacts the health and lives of Canadians.


• Energy loss usually happens from transmission and distribution of power using traditional systems. This is also energy loss that is still being charged to the customer, raising costs.

• Another cause of energy loss is in the event of a disruption or disaster. Since CHP systems generate electricity and energy onsite, these losses are almost always avoidable.

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