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Onsite Power Partners will help you achieve your business goals and more.

Achieving Our Energy Goals

Onsite Power Partners replicates a grid-based Independent Power Producer onsite. The Distributed Energy Platform is a fully pre-engineered solution that won’t be timely and laborious construction project. It’s simple, easy and convenient. Once our system is set up, let Onsite Power Partners manage your energy needs for you.

Our Mission

Onsite Power Partners is focused on helping its customers achieve several goals.


CHP systems operate at a much higher overall efficiency than other existing power generating alternatives. The end result is reduced CO2 emissions, thus lowering the overall carbon footprint.


Our solutions support the push for further decarbonization, as CHP is capable of running on hydrogen. The modular design of the system enables the addition of other green technology to make it even more environmentally friendly.


Our energy solutions are less expensive than the utility grid, with no upfront capital expenditure required.


The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generation System is equipped with multiple sensors that are monitored in real-time. Faults are identified early, reducing downtime and making the solution more reliable than existing alternatives.

About The General Manager

Dan Cloutier – General Manager

Dan Cloutier is the President of Seer Management Investments and Agro Resiliency Kit Ltd. He is a recognized leading cogeneration industry figure, and has significant expertise in incubating high-growth technology-based companies.For more than two decades, Dan has coordinated the installation of more micro-CHP into commercial buildings than anyone else in Alberta. In Western Canada, Dan has also sold and installed CHP systems for many customers including:

  • Alberta Urban Municipality Association
  • Broxburn Greenhouse
  • Cadillac Fairview
  • Calgary Co-op
  • Christenson Developments
  • City of Calgary
  • City of Saskatoon
  • Graham Construction
  • Hole’s Greenhouse
  • Jayman
  • Kanas
  • Melcor
  • Oxford Developments
  • Triovest

In addition to cogeneration/combined heat and power projects, Dan has involved small scale wind, solar and geothermal.

He was a member of the management team that successfully took Vicom Multimedia public in 1995, and served in senior management and executive capacities with FinTech Solutions now Sylogist, Quorum Information Technologies as well as SourceSys of Houston, which was sold to Fisher Scientific.

Dan’s first involvement with CHP solutions was as a volunteer Board member of Cardel Place, where he spearheaded pursuing the first Gold LEED designation in Alberta.

If you would like to collaborate on such solutions, please contact Dan at danc@arkltd.net or dan.cloutierc@crowncapital.ca or 403-703-7611.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CHP/cogeneration?Aleksandar Antic2020-06-05T16:59:17+00:00
  • CHP (also known as cogeneration) is the name applied to energy systems that produce both useful heat and electricity in a single process.
    Electrical energy is also lost in the transmission and distribution of power to buildings and this energy can also be saved if the CHP generates electricity more locally.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration as well as several other names, is the simultaneous production of heat and the generation of power
  • Combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) or trigeneration, is the process in which cooling is also generated by waste heat in a CHP plant.
What are advantages and benefits of CHP/cogeneration?Aleksandar Antic2020-06-05T16:58:00+00:00
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Greater security of supply for electricity
  • Overall facility reliability
  • Government policy and incentives
  • Replacement of boiler capacity
  • Efficient use of renewable fuels (ability to use bio-fuel, and bio-gases
What are challenges of centralized power production?Aleksandar Antic2020-04-20T01:22:07+00:00
  • Wasted Fuel: 68% of the fuel burned to produce grid power is lost as waste heat (wasted fuel equals the total amount of energy used for transportation or for industry).
  • GHG Emissions: Thermal power plants are the largest source of Green House Gases (68% of GHG emissions are produced without value).
Why is onsite generation a superior alternative to the power grid? What are the advantages of onsite generation?Aleksandar Antic2020-06-05T16:56:50+00:00
  • Onsite Power Partners utilizes natural gas fired generators that produce both heat and power (i.e. Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) units).
  • CHP is proven technology, with thousands of systems installed across North America and Europe.
  • Our CHP system will operate in parallel with the grid providing maximum reliability.
  • Onsite Power Partners will recommission the existing 220kW CHP system, which will deliver a strong balance of cost savings and GHG reduction
Why is CHP a sustainable solution?Aleksandar Antic2020-12-21T20:26:52+00:00
  • Efficiency – CHP (Combined Heat and Power) requires comparably less fuel to produce a given energy output. Avoids lost heat value and transmission losses.
  • Environmental – Comparably less fuel is burned to produce each unit of energy output which results in overall less air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An estimated 15-40% decrease in carbon emissions as a result of recovered heat displacing the need for additional fossil fuel.
  • According to the EPA, comparing a conventional generation system to a 5MW natural gas CHP system, total emissions decrease from 45kTons/year to 23kTons/year.
How does Onsite Power Partners CHP solution reduce GHG emissions?Aleksandar Antic2020-04-20T01:23:12+00:00

GHG Savings from 220kW CHP UNIT (annual)CROWN MODELAlberta Generation by Fuel
From Displaced Grid Power1,210 MWh x 0.54852 tCO2e/MWh = 664
From Displaced Natural Gas5,821 GJ x 0.0506 tCO2e/GJ = 295
Gross GHG Reduction = 958
Increase in GHG from CHP Fuel11,206 GJ x 0.0506 tCO2e/GJ = (567)
Net Decrease (tCO2e) in Year 1 = 391
Total Contract Decrease (tCO2e) = 3,912

  • Alberta’s electricity sector produces more GHG emissions than any other province because of its size and reliance on coal-fired generation. In 2016, Alberta’s power sector generated 45.2 MT CO2e emissions, or 58% of total Canadian GHG emissions from power generation.
  • Crown’s CHP solution reduces emissions by reducing The Derrick’s power mix away from coal and re-captures waste heat.


What solutions are offered with cogeneration on-site energy production?Aleksandar Antic2020-04-20T01:23:32+00:00
  • Wasted energy drops from 68% to as low as 10%-15%
  • Over 50% reduction in GHG emissions
  • No water consumption
  • Greater reliability
  • Significant cost savings for the client
How do the benefits and cost of CHP compare to other clean energy technologies?Aleksandar Antic2020-04-20T01:23:43+00:00

-coming soon-

What are key qualities needed for successful implementation?Aleksandar Antic2020-04-20T01:23:54+00:00
  • Experienced Management: Onsite Power Partners have installed a record number of successful CHPs across Canada
  • Reliable Equipment and Good Maintenance Program: We source and work with the best, most experienced interdisciplined team of experts from equipment manufacturing to engineering to maintenance. 
  • Correct Sizing: Onsite Power Partners has sophisticated software to help optimize capital cost, useful output, fuel consumption and % utilization

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